Friday, November 8, 2013 a museum.


Everyone has them. Not everyone writes them down.

The cool thing about writing is you can imagine anything happening, anywhere, as crazy as the circumstances may be. You can make that kiss a little wetter, that tongue a little more lascivious.

Have you ever thought of being taken by a creature that was centuries old, that lusted only for your flesh? That awoke to the feel of your skin, your tits, your hot, wet pussy...

Well, I finally wrote it down.

Taken By A Mummy is one of my first pieces of erotica. If you've ever dreamed of being taken by a being that lusted for you, and only you, you might enjoy it. Or fantasized about sex after hours in museum...mmm, getting hot just thinking about it. :)

So tell me...what are you fantasizing about right now? Ever feel like writing it down?