Monday, November 18, 2013

Notes on self publishing

It's more work that you think. That is, if you want to put a quality product out there.

I get my work edited and proofread very carefully. The story has to make sense from start to finish, and more importantly, it has to be hot, hot, hot! I make my covers to brand my work and to exude a certain classiness that isn't always found in erotica. What can I say? I like a pretty cover. :)

Learning how to format for e-book uploading has been more annoying that difficult, and using GIMP to make my covers had been perfectly easy, though it was more tricky at first. But the end product? I'm pretty proud of it. And what matters is having fun and sharing the passion.

Have you self-pubbed erotica? Have any tips to share to other writers out there?