Monday, November 25, 2013

Pagan Desires?

Have you ever thought of being lured into the deep woods for an orgy with fantastical woodland creatures? Imagine a pagan Horned King--muscled, beautiful, powerful, with cruelly twisted horns jutting from his head.

He's looking for a virgin sacrifice. And it just might be my new character, Lily. Twenty years old, not very experienced, but wanting something fantastical in her first serious sexual experience. She may get way more than she asked for!

I find Pagan mythology absolutely fascinating and quite titillating. Rebirth and sex is a celebrated part of the cycle on earth.

So...I took many of these elements and mythical creatures to write a story that might turn you on. :) I'm hoping to write more Pagan Desires stories soon. It's too delicious a fantasy world! I can't write just one.

How about you? Ever read up on pagan mythology and found it to be irresistibly erotic?